From Novice to Notable: Pietro Fiorasso’s FundedNext Interview

In a recent interview with FundedNext trader Pietro Fiorasso, the young trading sensation provided invaluable insights into his journey.

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Here are the Highlights of the article “From Novice to Notable: Pietro Fiorasso’s FundedNext Interview”:

  • Pietro Fiorasso, a rising star in trading, shares his journey and insights with FundedNext.
  • With a background in math and statistics, Fiorasso emphasizes the importance of meticulous research.
  • He advocates for a disciplined approach to risk management to mitigate losses.
  • Fiorasso highlights the significance of understanding market structure and employing both empirical and scientific methods.

In a recent interview with FundedNext trader Pietro Fiorasso, the young trading sensation provided invaluable insights into his journey in the trading world. At just 21 years old, Fiorasso has already made significant strides in the industry, making a name for himself as a skilled and disciplined trader.

Fiorasso, who hails from Portugal, began his trading journey four years ago while still in school. Dissatisfied with the offerings of a signal group he initially joined, he embarked on a self-education journey, immersing himself in various trading communities and resources. Despite the challenges and years of learning, Fiorasso has now achieved a commendable feat—he earns his living solely through trading.

From Novice to Notable: Pietro Fiorasso’s FundedNext Interview

One of the key aspects Fiorasso emphasizes is personal accountability in trading. He believes that success or failure in trading rests entirely on the individual trader’s shoulders. “Your downfall or success is 100% your responsibility, and you have to be accountable for that,” Fiorasso asserts, highlighting the importance of taking ownership of one’s trading decisions.

Fiorasso reveals a unique perspective when discussing his approach to risk management. He adopts a mindset of considering the worst-case scenario first, thereby reverse-engineering his risk assessment process. This approach allows him to build robust trading strategies centered around minimizing potential losses—a crucial aspect of long-term trading success.

The conversation also touched upon the topic of proprietary trading firms (prop firms), with Fiorasso sharing his experiences with several, including EnFoid, PFT, and FTMO. While acknowledging that not all prop firms offer favorable conditions, he views them as a valuable opportunity, particularly for novice traders. Fiorasso recommends prop firms as a means to gain trading experience and access to capital without the pressure of risking one’s own funds.

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