FundedNext Trader Chris Interview- A Story of Determination!

FundedNext shared an interview with Chris.

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Here are the Highlights of the Article “FundedNext Trader Chris Interview- A Story of Determination!”:

  • Chris’s journey involved setbacks, but his determination and resilience made all the difference.
  • Operating in various timeframes, he maintains an impressive 65% winning percentage by reading markets effectively.
  • His strict 0.5% risk per trade and well-defined strategy leads to jaw-dropping profits, exemplifying the power of risk management.
  • Chris’s mentorship academy reflects his dedication to helping others succeed in the Spanish trading community.
  • Notably, a recent trade resulted in a substantial profit of $2892, showcasing the rewards of a disciplined approach.

In the dynamic world of prop trading, success stories often inspire and motivate traders to overcome challenges and achieve their goals. Meet Chris Roman, a skilled and successful FundedNext trader from Puerto Rico. He has been making waves in the industry for the last three years. Chris has mastered the art of trading EURUSD, GBPUSD, and XAUUSD, displaying a disciplined approach and strategic risk management, leading to an impressive FundedNext payout. FundedNext shared an interview with Chris which would be Episode 30 of their Meet the Trader Series!

FundedNext Trader Chris Journey- Determination and Resilience

Chris’s journey hasn’t been without its share of setbacks, but his determination and resilience have made all the difference. Starting with indices, Chris eventually transitioned to Forex pairs and found his true calling. Armed with a strong understanding of market structure and liquidity, he honed his strategy to maximize profits and minimize risk.

Operating primarily in daily (D1), four-hour (H4), fifteen-minute (M15), and one-minute (M1) timeframes, Chris executes his trades during the New York Session. His winning percentage hovers around an impressive 65%, a testament to his proficiency in reading the markets and identifying profitable setups.

One of the key factors contributing to Chris’s consistent success is his risk management strategy. He adheres to a strict 0.5% risk per trade, even when starting fresh or at the break-even point. This disciplined approach ensures that he maintains a steady course and avoids impulsive decisions that could jeopardize his account.

The numbers don’t lie when it comes to Chris’s trading prowess. On a single trade, he once made a jaw-dropping profit of $2225 while only risking 0.5% of his account. This incredible feat exemplifies the potential for significant gains with meticulous risk management and a well-defined trading strategy.

Chris also runs a mentorship academy, where he shares his knowledge and expertise with aspiring traders in the Spanish community. His dedication to helping others succeed further showcases his passion for trading.

Biggest Payout?

One of his most notable achievements was a recent trade that resulted in a substantial profit of $2892. Chris’s meticulous attention paid off, as he skillfully grabbed liquidity after a reaction and a structured break. This trade exemplified the power of his strategy and reinforced the importance of understanding market dynamics.

Chris’s journey is a testament to the rewards of a disciplined approach to forex trading. His success, particularly in managing risk and capitalizing on liquidity, inspires traders worldwide. 

The full Interview is here:

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