How Ahmad Turned Trading Passion into Profit with FundedNext

FundedNext recently had the privilege of doing an interview with Ahmad Herul who has been making waves in the trading community.

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Here are the Highlights of the article “How Ahmad Herul Turned Trading Passion into Profit with FundedNext”:

  • FundedNext interviewed Ahmad Herul, a rising star in Forex trading.
  • Ahmad started trading in high school to make extra money.
  • He uses support and resistance levels, trends, and an 8-period moving average.
  • Ahmad’s strategy evolved from breakout momentum to mean reversion.
  • He stresses the importance of risk management and self-learning in trading.

FundedNext recently had the privilege of doing an interview with Ahmad Herul who has been making waves in the Forex trading community. Ahmad shared his trading journey, strategies, and insights, providing a valuable look into the life of a successful young trader.

Ahmad began his trading journey in high school, motivated by a desire to make extra money. “I found an article about trading and decided to open a trading account. That’s how I started,” Ahmad recalls. Over the past six years, he has honed his skills and developed a robust trading strategy.

How Ahmad Herul Turned Trading Passion into Profit with FundedNext

His trading strategy is straightforward yet effective. Ahmad employs support and resistance levels and trends to guide his trades. He often uses an 8-period moving average to search for momentum and prefers to trade during the London session due to its favorable volatility and liquidity.

Ahmad’s approach has evolved over the years. Initially, he relied on a breakout momentum strategy, waiting for significant price movements and structural breaks to make his trades. However, he has since shifted to a mean reversion strategy, which he finds provides a higher win rate. “I wait for the price to move high, then wait for the structure to break and short. This strategy gives me a better win rate,” he explains.

When it comes to risk management, Ahmad is disciplined. He typically aims for a one-to-one or one-to-two risk-reward ratio and never risks more than 1% of his account per trade. “Trading is about not being greedy. It’s about having a lot of opportunities, but if you don’t have capital, it’s useless. So, you need to protect your capital,” he advises.

For those struggling in the trading world, Ahmad emphasizes the importance of self-learning and observation. “Don’t copy others; observe the chart and price action in the market. Try and error is key,” he recommends.

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