The Funded Trader Interview with Eugene- Expectations & Reality!

Eugene, a thriving trader, recently opened up about his remarkable journey.

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Here are the Highlights of the article “The Funded Trader Interview with Eugene- Expectations & Reality”:

  • Eugene, a thriving trader, recently opened up about his journey with The Funded Trader.
  • He discussed transitioning from corporate finance to prop trading in an exclusive interview.
  • Eugene highlighted the emotional challenges of trading, including the impact of ego.
  • He stressed the importance of discipline and the ability to admit when you’re wrong.
  • Eugene discovered The Funded Trader through a friend on Instagram and was intrigued by the concept of receiving trading capital.

Eugene, a thriving trader, recently opened up about his remarkable journey in the interview and the vital role played by The Funded Trader. Eugene shares some of his experiences and breaks down his transition from working in corporate finance to prop trading. Eugene also shares how past experiences have helped shape his mindset and build on the skill sets that have made him so successful. 

In the exclusive interview, he shed light on his trading experiences and the advantages of partnering with this unique organization. Eugene began by highlighting the emotional aspect of trading, saying, “Sometimes, our own ego can get into it because, let’s say, we say something that we believe in, and then the market does something else, we feel like we are wrong. And then, our own ego just doesn’t want to admit that, ‘Hey, look, I’m wrong.’ So, we will still stick to it and tell ourselves that, ‘Hey, you know what? I don’t care what the charts say. I still want to believe what I believe in.’ So, this is where ego comes in, and that’s why sometimes it can be very detrimental to our account.”

The Funded Trader Interview with Eugene- Managing Expectations for Realistic Results

Eugene emphasized the importance of discipline and patience in trading, recognizing that admitting when you’re wrong is crucial. He continued, “That’s where it comes back to discipline and patience again because, as a trader, you have to know that when you are wrong, you are wrong. So, you just have to admit it and just get out of your trade.”

Speaking about his association with The Funded Trader, Eugene explained how he discovered the firm. “I heard about TFT because one of my friends shared it with me through Instagram. We were discussing trading, and he shared a link with me. I found this concept interesting because they provide you with capital to trade instead of using your own money.”

Eugene shared insights into his journey with The Funded Trader. “I started with the evaluation program, beginning with a $25,000 account. I grew it to $30,000-$35,000 and progressed to the $50,000 account. From there, I expanded to a $100,000 account. I plan to reach a $200,000 account and continue trading with their support.”

Eugene concluded by outlining his future plans. “My goal with ‘The Funded Trader’ is to grow the account further. I’m close to reaching the $200,000 account, and I want to push it even further. Most importantly, never give up.”

Here is the full Interview:

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