Successful Trader Ronnapol Shares with The5ers!

Ronnapol S., a 34-year-old trader from Thailand, discusses his journey, strategies, and the impact of The5ers on his trading career.

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Here are the Highlights of the article “Successful Trader Ronnapol Shares with The5ers!”:

  • Ronnapol S., a successful trader with The5ers, scaled his account to $125K and aims for a 10% profit to reach $150K.
  • He follows a simple trading strategy based on supply and demand, support and resistance, and liquidity-focused approaches like BSL and SSL.
  • Overcoming 19 failures in 100-200k account sizes, Ronnapol credits books and trading journals for refining his approach.
  • His risk management includes a 1% daily drawdown rule, occasional adjustments to 2-3%, and lowering exit points after three consecutive losses, with a typical RR range of 3-10.
  • Ronnapol values the support, hope, and motivation from The5ers.

In a recent interview with The5ers, Ronnapol S. revealed his success story as one of the High-stakes funded traders, having scaled his account to $125K and earned $19057.50 overall. His next ambitious goal is to achieve a 10% profit to scale his account further to $150K.

Also, Ronnapol emphasizes the simplicity of his trading strategies, drawing inspiration from concepts like supply and demand, support and resistance, counting waves, and the importance of liquidity with strategies like BSL and SSL. He expresses a willingness to share his entry signals, believing video explanations would enhance understanding.

Successful Trader Ronnapol Shares with The5ers

Sharing a challenge from his trading journey, Ronnapol reveals having faced failures with 19 out of 100-200k account sizes in the past 1.5 years. Overcoming this hurdle, he credits books like “Trading in the Zone” and diligent trading journals for helping him refine his approach.

Furthermore, discussing risk management, Ronnapol details his 1% daily maximum drawdown rule, with occasional adjustments to 2-3% on challenging days. So, to mitigate losing streaks, he lowers his exit point to 3 RR (Risk-Reward) for the next winning trade after three consecutive losses. His typical RR range is 3-10.

When questioned about successfully passing The5ers’ evaluation, Ronnapol underscores the importance of prioritizing liquidity and diving into opportunities when BSL or SSL signals are present. He advises waiting for confirmations before entering a trade, maintaining humility towards the market, and learning how to accept losses.

Moreover, comparing trading for The5ers to independent trading, Ronnapol highlights the sense of hope and support provided by The5ers. He appreciates the rules, the community’s assistance, and the constant support from The5ers, emphasizing that they give him the motivation to persevere in the challenging world of trading.

Ronnapol S., a 34-year-old trader from Thailand, discusses his journey, strategies, and the impact of The5ers on his trading career.

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