Trading Success Story: Tuyen Interview on Trading with The5ers

Tuyen has made significant strides in his trading career with The5ers, and he shared his journey with them in the trader interview.

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Here are the Highlights of the article “Trading Success Story: Tuyen Interview on Trading with The5ers”:

  • Tuyen shares his trading journey with The5ers, earning $13,513 in three payouts.
  • Despite starting serious trading recently, he aims for a 10% return to scale his account.
  • Tuyen’s strategy blends supply-demand zones and price action, focusing on self-improvement.
  • He treats The5ers’ capital as his own, making careful trading decisions.
  • Tuyen recommends The5ers to new traders, advocating continuous learning and mental discipline.

Tuyen has made significant strides in his trading career with The5ers, and he shared his journey with them in the trader interview. Despite starting his serious trading journey only three years ago, Tuyen has already been paid three times by The5ers, accumulating a total of $13,513. His next goal is to achieve a 10% return to scale his High-Stakes account from $125K to $150K.

Tuyen first became aware of Forex trading a decade ago, but it wasn’t until 2021 that he began trading seriously. His journey has been marked by more failures than successes, compounded by the heavy stress of his main job as a software programmer. These challenges led him to pause trading in 2023, but he made a comeback at the beginning of 2024, choosing The5ers as his preferred prop firm.

Trading Success Story: Tuyen Interview on Trading with The5ers

Tuyen’s strategy for passing The5ers’ evaluation combined supply-demand zones and price action on high timeframes. He emphasizes that technical analysis constitutes only 50% of trading success, with discipline, psychology, and risk management playing equally crucial roles. Continuous self-improvement remains a daily focus for him.

Tuyen treats the capital provided by The5ers as his own, ensuring careful and considered trading decisions. He values the additional capital and confidence that trading for a prop firm brings to his career. He recommends The5ers to new traders for their supportive environment, efficient payout system, and overall positive experience.

For those starting with The5ers, Tuyen advises embracing the learning process without needing a perfect strategy from the outset. He suggests using prop firms like The5ers as leverage to enhance one’s trading career. He also highlights the book “Search Inside Yourself” by Chade-Meng Tan as a valuable resource for improving mental discipline and trading performance.

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